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Jedsound – Twisted SFX

We are excited to offer an amazing new collection of sounds by sound designer Jean-Edouard Miclot.

It isn’t every day you can get your hands on unique and properly recorded field recordings, sound effects and foley sounds, so grab ’em while they’re hot and feed them into your favorite Twisted Tools device!

Samplepack Features:

  • 127 Unique Field Recordings and Sounds
  • 24bit/44.1khz Samples

Sound Categories: Rubber Balloon, Elastic, Groan Tube, Slide Whistle, Putty Noise, Whoopee Cushion, Sound Pipe, Dog toy, scientific toy, Springs, Slinky, Laser, Magnets, Bell, Wind chime, Plane, Train, Jackhammer, Wrench, Digital Camera, Vacuum Cleaner, Underwater Metal Dings, Underwater Singing Glass Rings, Underwater Sprays, Statics, Electromagnetic Fields, Motors, Servos, Electric Shaver, Faulty Light Bulb, Wolf, Moose, Crows, Dogs, Cricket, Bumblebee, Flies, Door, Chair, Rock, Dumpster, Ice cracks, Whooshes, Dings, Squeals, Squeaks


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